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Frequently Asked Questions



 Is car leasing any good?

Ans. In a lot of cases the advantages offered by car leasing exceed disadvantages attributed to it. If you maintain your vehicle, have agreeable terms of contract and abide by the contract terms, you are more than likely to find car leasing beneficial than anything else.

What are the advantages of a car lease?

It all depends on your needs.  However for starters you can afford having a vehicle of your own at very low monthly payments. You also have low upfront costs and can save on down payments, tax and registration fee as well.

Why choose icar Auto Lease rather than a dealer?

Ans. We deal in a long range of makes and models for cars. icar Auto Lease is a company that will provide you with Audi lease specials, VW lease specials, Cadillac leas specials, Acura lease specials, Honda lease specials and whole range of other car manufacturers. Also we give you the finest deals in town allowing you to save on your car leasing and allow you the feasibility of shopping for your car lease right from the comforts of your home. Which other car leasing company would provide you with so many feasibilities other than icar Auto Lease.

Do we offer competitive prices?

Ans. We are one of the most affordable car lease companies in Los Angeles. We don’t any overhead excess and thus we save. Also because we deal in a lot of car manufacturers we find the best possible deals in town which allow us to save well and give you the most affordable price in town. You can browse through the prices we offer and then compare what you find with others. We are completely confident that you will be surprised at the affordability of our prices.

What type of vehicles do we have in our inventory?

Ans. That’s another great advantage of working with icar Auto Lease. We deal in virtually all makes and models of cars that you can find in Los Angeles thus helping you choose your dream car and get the best leasing for it in town. We have everything in our inventory from Audi to BMW, to Honda, Lexus and a lot more. To be more precise we have just about every car that you’d like to purchase and even if you cannot find the car of your choice in our inventory, give us a call and we’ll try and accommodate you as best as we can.

How does icar Auto Lease work?

Ans. As stated earlier, we allow you to work right from your homes. You can browse through our inventory online and select the lease arrangements that suit you best. You can go through the terms over the phone with our customer representatives as well and they will try to accommodate you to the best of their efforts. Once you are done with the complete leasing process, we will even deliver your car to your doorstep.